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StoneFly Networks Introduces OptiSAN to Bring Fibre Channel Performance to IP SAN Environments for Data-Intensive Computing

OptiSAN Complements Fibre Channel SANs while Leveraging the Cost Benefits and Simplicity of IP SAN-Based Technology

StoneFly Networks®, Inc., the leading supplier of integrated data protection and management systems to value-oriented small- and medium-sized enterprises, today introduced StoneFly OptiSAN™, a powerful yet easy-to-use IP SAN-based solution designed to support the most demanding computing environments. An ideal complement to existing Fibre Channel (FC) SAN installations, OptiSAN blends high performance and straightforward, economical IP SAN technology to optimize enterprise storage networking.

OptiSAN leverages the proven StoneFly Storage Concentrator® and advanced RAID storage to deliver maximum throughput for high-bandwidth applications, including SQL databases, transaction-oriented financial systems and streaming video. In addition to a significant increase in performance, OptiSAN offers all the key benefits of IP SANs, including storage consolidation and block-level provisioning as well as centralized storage management, control and monitoring of logical storage volumes. Sophisticated capabilities come standard with each OptiSAN, including StoneFly Reflection, for handling local and campus synchronous mirroring; and Snapshot capabilities for expediting data recovery.

According to William R. Atkinson, president and CEO for StoneFly Networks, OptiSAN provides the optimum balance between Fibre Channel performance and IP SAN simplicity. "StoneFly OptiSAN is a versatile workhorse that can readily extend the reach of an existing FC SAN as well as improve performance in an IP SAN environment," he said. "With OptiSAN, StoneFly has evolved its highly scalable IP SAN platform to offer unprecedented capabilities without sacrificing ease of use or affordability."

A seamless migration path to StoneFly's enterprise application suite eases integration with StoneFly Backup Advantage™, a turnkey IP SAN with industry-leading backup and recovery software; and StoneFly Replicator® CDP, an asynchronous mirroring product with application-aware continuous data protection (CDP) capabilities.

For Henry Cornelius, vice president of sales at Emergent Systems Exchange (ESX), a national distributor of high-availability computing and network storage systems for the IT market, OptiSAN provides a compelling value proposition. "OptiSAN is an excellent solution for companies seeking to augment their FC SANs as well as those looking for a more affordable alternative to costly high-end storage networking products," he said. "StoneFly's focus on value and performance has resulted in a robust, straightforward SAN that costs 75 to 80 percent less than much more complicated technologies while requiring no special skills or training to administer. In addition the product is easily and affordably scalable, as StoneFly does not charge for costly software license upgrades."

With OptiSAN, administrators can respond quickly to changing storage demands, including on-the-fly volume expansion. The platform scales easily to accommodate growth, enabling single or multiple arrays to be added as needed. OptiSAN storage includes a variety of high-reliability features, including advanced sub-array support with true RAID data protection built into 14 Serial ATA II high-speed disk drives. Dual Fibre Channel connectors on each RAID controller support FailOver clustering for high availability.

Available now, pricing for StoneFly OptiSAN starts with a one-array configuration, 3.5 TB of capacity and 14, 250-GB drives for approximately $17,995; a configuration with 5.6 TB and 14, 400-GB drives has a list price of $21,995; and a high-end model with 7 TB of capacity and 14, 500-GB drives is available for $23,995. All OptiSAN configurations include StoneFly Snapshot and Reflection synchronous mirroring software; block-level virtualization; centralized storage management; and Version 4 of the StoneFusion® Intelligent Network Storage Platform. Additional configurations are available for StoneFly OptiSAN FailOver Clusters, additional RAID arrays as well as an optional RAID controller.

About Emergent Systems Exchange
Emergent Systems Exchange (ESX) is a distributor of IT hardware based systems of "emerging or young" manufacturers that include Network Storage: Storage Over IP (iSCSI), SAN/NAS, High Availability Computing: HA Telecom/Network, HA Computing, Internet Traffic Management, Servers: and Clustering Servers. For more information, please visit

About StoneFly Networks, Inc.
StoneFly Networks®, Inc., founded in April 2000 and based in San Diego, is the leading supplier of integrated data protection and management systems to value-oriented small and medium enterprises. StoneFly Networks pioneered low cost storage networks, actively participating in the development of the iSCSI (Internet small computer system interface) standard that enabled SANs to be deployed using low cost Ethernet. The award-winning StoneFly Business Advantage™ applications suite and StoneFly Network Storage Platform deliver the best value, scalability and total cost of ownership available. StoneFly Networks is an active member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). The company is also an active, long-standing member of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which developed the iSCSI standard. For more information, please visit


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