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The development of iSCSI has centered on building a foundation for SAN utilizing virtualization for efficiency, simplicity, availability and flexibility. iSCSI technology leverages existing networks to consolidate storage and servers, while increasing capacity, expandability and performance. Here are some Killer Apps for iSCSI.

iSCSI Killer Applications
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Storage Consolidation
 Centralize data storage among multiple servers for efficiency
 Decrease overhead and management expenses
 Improve storage utilization
"In the long run, creating an enterprise-wide centralized storage management solution has helped [us] achieve the most efficient utilization of existing Fibre Channel and Ethernet IP networking investments."

-- Senior Director

Virtual Servers
 Reduce under-utilization of servers
 Simplify management without increasing cost
 Centralize resources into an intelligent storage area network
"From easy compatibility with Virtual Server, to superior scalability and an excellent price point, [our] IP SAN has more than met our needs."

-- Programmer Analyst

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
 Streamline migration, restoration, and backup
 Ensure seamless data continuity to meet specific recovery time objectives
 Replicate volumes for high availability with built-in snapshot capabilities
"We have slashed our administrative costs while optimizing our storage in ways that weren't possible before…this pivotal piece of technology will keep our data readily available."

-- Network Manager

Disk-to-Disk (D2D) Backup
 Accelerate restore time, while reducing backup time
 Restore lost or corrupt files, folders, or data systems fast
 Automate the backup process for simple data backup and recovery
"We are able to have an ideal backup system that we envisioned at an affordable cost. It's like having a big business solution for a small business company."

-- Network Administrator

Blade Servers
 Reduce cable, power, and administration costs
 Increase system uptime with provisioning, load balancing & failover capabilities
 Consolidate storage and server resources
"With the SAN in place, it takes less than a few minutes to replace a blade server. We simply point the server at the SAN, and we're up and running on the new server almost instantly."

-- Systems Engineer

Email Archiving
 Comply with government regulations regarding email retention
 Efficiently manage email storage growth
 Simplify email archiving without creating bottlenecks
"With DAS, we chewed through a 1TB local disk for e-mail archiving alone in less than two months... my options were to either throw more disks into the fray, or go the SAN route, which would allow me to take storage and allocate it across several systems."

-- Systems Engineer

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